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2009-07-21, Tomáš Vika
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Press Release

20 July 2009, Balatonfüred


Jorg Bruder Silver Cup starts soon at Balatonfüred

The PATA Boats Finn Junior World Championship for the Jörg Bruder Silver Cup is being held between 30 July and 6 August 2009 in Balatonfüred on Lake Balaton under the patronage of the Hungarian Sailing Association and organised by the Balatonfüredi Yacht Club, the International Finn Association and the Hungarian Finn Association. This international contest has so far attracted nearly 50 boats.

To date, 49 young Finn sailors from 12 nations (USA, RUS, FRA, GER, ITA, IRL, CZE, SVK, UKR, EST, BUL and HUN), have entered the regatta. Among the favourites are Tomas Vika (CZE), Filippo Baldassari (ITA) and Egor Larionov (RUS), who have recently performed well during the successful 2009 Finn Gold Cup in Denmark. However Lake Balaton is considered a highly tricky place for racing, which perhaps may help the Hungarian sailors to show their talent and experience to make the best out of the championship.

Hungary hosts the championship in a year when Finn class - which has made a big impression in the sailing world throughout the past decades - becomes 60 years old. The Finn has been an Olympic sport since 1952, being the top one-man boat of numerous Olympic legends and first class sailors all over the world. The class is very popular in Hungary too where more than 40 boats compete in the home championship every year.

In the Junior World Championship all sailors under the age of 21 can participate. This year's competition is a wonderful continuation of the 2006 Finn Masters World Championship and the 2007 Senior and Junior Finn European Championship. The large Hungarian Junior fleet will be testing their abilities in the championship, where in 2008 the best Hungarian Junior sailors were Gábor Büki, Richárd Hirschler, Egon Pay'r and Elemér Haidekker.

The main sponsor of the event is PATA Boats, which has been constructing high quality Finns for 20 years. The winner of the championship will receive a fully equipped brand new Pata Finn to use free of charge for a whole year after the competition. The outstanding quality of this boat had been proven by André Budzien (GER) who has won the Finn Masters World Championships three times in a row using a Pata Boat. The constructor of Pata Finns hopes that now younger sailors will also get to appreciate his boats.

The Silver Cup for the Junior World Championship is named after Jörg Bruder. The Brazilian sailor proved to be the best Finn sailor in the world three times between 1970 and 1972. However in 1973, when travelling to Brest in France to defend his title, he lost his life in a tragic air accident. The Silver Cup was presented to the class by the Brazilian Olympic Committee in 2004 to honour his memory.

More than 50 competitors are expected to compete in this Junior World Championship from all parts of the world. Before the World Championship, on the request of the International Finn Association, the Hungarian Finn representative from the Moscow Olympics, István Ruják will lead a one week long training camp.

Text: Julia David, Event Media

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